Experienced Trade Mark Attorneys with real world IP knowledge 

Our Attorneys Handle All Applications In-House

When you contact us, whether by phone or email, you will speak directly with the trademark attorney responsible for your application process. As licensed legal professionals, we educate our clients on the basics and benefits of trademark protection. We counsel our clients to make an informed decision to maximize their likelihood of success during the federal trademarking process.

We have assisted thousands of business owners in registering their trademarks and we can do the same for you. Our attorneys know the common pitfalls and refusals that can slow the trademark registration process or block your trademark entirely.

Every trademark search, opinion letter and trademark application is prepared in-house by a licensed Flat Fee trademark attorney from start to finish. We are not a referral service so we do not send our work out to other attorneys.

We represent clients in all 50 States and internationally, so we can assist you with the federal trademark process.

All Trademark Fees Discussed Up Front

With all fees and costs disclosed up front, you can budget your trademark process accordingly and avoid costly hourly billing associated with traditional legal service.

We maintain manageable overhead costs and a streamlined process that results in significant savings to our clients. Using our Flat Fee Trademark Registration Service, you get the benefits of a trademark attorney working with you at an affordable flat fee price.

Protect Your Brand, Hire a Trademark Attorney

Trademark law in the United States is complicated. Applying for a trademark may seem straightforward, but the trademark application process is subject to specific regulations, unique filing requirements and is strictly administered by the USPTO and its team of trademark Examiners. There are myriad possibilities for mistakes with the trademark search and trademark application process that could result in the USPTO refusing registration of your trademark.

Your brand name is one of your most valuable business assets. Consumers would not be able to identify and choose your goods or services over others without a proper trademark or brand name.

Without a registered trademark, your brand protection rights are limited. By applying for and obtaining federal trademark protection, the stronger your trademark rights will be against potential competitors.