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Not all trademark applications go smoothly. If the US Government has any concern with your application, they will issue a notice called an Office Action. 

All Office Actions are different. Some represent a denial of your application. Others are just a request for clarification or additional information. That being said, an Office Action must be responded to within six months of the date the US Government issues it. Moreover, the US Government will not remind you that the deadline is approaching to file an Office Action response. If you do not respond your application will simply be abandoned and all of your rights (and filing fee) will be lost.

We can help you respond to any Office Action. Whether it is responding to an administrative request, fixing a technical requirement with the application or appealing a denial of your application, we can help. Since every Trademark Office Action is different we will first need to review your case and determine what needs to be done. If you submit your information on the quote form we will review your Office Action at no charge and provide a flat rate quote to complete a response on your behalf.